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Application Development

"With Jórim, harness the power of custom application development services with an edge of technology innovation and processes agility to develop next-gen custom applications.

Capitalize on the potential benefits of Custom application development with Jorim to address diversified business needs of small, medium, and enterprise-grade businesses. With our substantial experience in the global market, we understand each business requires a custom developed application and tailor-made solutions to offer to their clients.

Our dynamic team of skilled developers built scalable and futuristic applications that unlock new opportunities for businesses and boost return on investment.

Our solutions automate and streamline complex development needs of application with improved efficiency and huge savings on time, cost, and efforts."

“Benefits of Custom Application Development”

Custom Application development is a tailor-made solution designed to perfectly fit individual business needs. Businesses can save on investing in multiple applications and can lower the risks of external threats or hackers of the application.

Developed applications are cost-effective, agile, and highly-efficient for businesses to progress with their custom offerings.

Intellectual property rights of developed software and continuous enhancement ensures a stable and leading-edge software.

Application Testing

Testing Services "In an age where systems and applications are becoming complex but essential, software testing is no more an afterthought and it's certainly not the 'less privileged' sibling of software development that it used to be, not any more.

With growing population of software applications-cum-systems being utilized in ever increasing numbers to support and sustain critical, real-time business functions 24x7 across industries like banking, manufacturing, retail, and what not, a piece of written software is as good as a manner in which it's tested.

Software testing is that 'last piece' of code that will ultimately help decide how well your software product, application or system meet its development objectives.

With over a decade of experience in providing independent software testing services backed by our strong processes, we enable enterprises to improve the quality of their software product, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), minimize business risks and meet industry standards and compliance needs.

“Jórim's Portfolio”

Jórim offers end-to-end testing services in co-ownership, managed and TaaS sourcing model using tools and methods to meet our customer’s budget, schedule and technical requirements.

“Key Differentiators”

Our matured processes that ensures compliance with industry best practices. Large pool of trained, certified and carrier testers.

KPI based project metrics which provide integrated tracking and compliance with industry standards.

Large repository of domain based test artifacts to facilitate reuse and accelerate time–to-market.

Specialized point solutions for industry vertical /domain specific requirements.

Global alliance and partnership with the best in the field.

Multiple state of the art delivery centers across the globe with specialized testing centers.

Expertise in testing products and custom applications based on Waterfall & agile development methodologies.

“Our Expertise”

We provide Independent Verification and Validations Services for various industry segments which include Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Travel, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Insurance.Our Industry offerings include and cover functional and non-functional testing.

Application Support & Maintenance

Our Application Maintenance & Support offerings eliminate internal challenges associated with application development & upkeep through:

Spot-on development & deployment of custom applications, including mobile Repeatable automation to streamline processes, reduce human error and increase savings.

Repeatable automation to streamline processes, reduce human error and increase savings.

Deployment & support of major enterprise applications, maximizing former IT investments.

Unbiased evaluation of COTS solutions through our proprietary COTS application evaluation card.

Use of proven project accelerators & frameworks, giving projects a jump start to success, efficient delivery and deployment.

“Do you”

require custom-built applications to support internal operations?

lack bandwidth to manage & update critical applications?

experience disruptions you can’t troubleshoot?

want a custom mobile app to boost business?

think automation could streamline application processes?

Jórim Technology Solution is well versed in Application Maintenance and Support.

“The Application Maintenance & Support as follows”

Adhering to cutting-edge technologies, we focus to improve application performance by optimizing its processes and maintaining it to remain high-performing and efficient. Our development teams complement every business need for hassle-free application maintenance, simplified migration, effortless reengineering, and smooth redesigning services.

Application Maintenance and Support includes the skills and requirements for supporting current application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.

Application Maintenance and Support also applies to applications running in a production environment.

Application Maintenance & Support includes research, analysis, design, programming, testing, documenting and implementing maintenance changes; correcting software errors; modifying reports and ensuring accurate report runs; making modifications to the applications and documentation; writing ad-hoc queries; loading and applying changes to the software language and/or database in which the application is written; providing corrections for production or any changes needed and participation in disaster recovery testing, planning and documentation. Services may need to be available 24/7 or on an on-call basis.


Application Migration

Our application migration services promise deployment or redeployments on newer or advanced platforms to achieve business flexibility and sustainability.

Accelerate T & M(Time To Market) with effortless application migration services to meet the custom requirements of clients and their application development deadlines.

“Mobile App Development”

We help businesses generate higher profitability and drive business value by developing Android or iOS-based apps with extended functionalities and optimum mobile experience

Bridge your business gaps by developing a mobile application that favors easy accessibility, maintenance, and scalability.

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